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Water Lily - Charm

Water Lily - Charm

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The water lily belongs to our Mama Mala Flower collection.

It is an enchanting and deeply symbolic flower that is considered a source of inspiration and meaning in many cultures.

One of the most striking features of the water lily is its ability to bloom on the surface of ponds and lakes while their roots are anchored in the mud. This gives the water lily a metaphorical meaning of purity, spiritual survey and the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. It symbolizes the ability to go beyond everyday difficulties and the darkness of life and to strive for spiritual enlightenment.

In addition, the water lily is also associated with peace and calm in many cultures. Its appearance on quiet waters conveys a feeling of harmony and relaxation.

Our charm consists of high -quality 925 silver.

This bead is limited to XX piece worldwide.

Size: Ø = 1.0cm
Weight: approx. 4.0g

1x silver charm is offered for sale, without the design suggestions in the pictures (without other charms, bracelets and bracelets, etc.) 

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