The story of Niwa


Niwa is a young brand from Thailand that specializes in the production of stylish and individual beads.

However, the beginning has been 60 years ago.
Since then, the silver trade has been passed on in the family and is blooming again in every generation.

The family is still the focus today. Each member finds its role in the company and supports it with all my heart.

Niwa (Japanese 'Garden') focuses on nature.

Natural and harmonious designs are used to reconcile materials such as silver, gold and gemstones.
Niwa's claim is to create unique and very filigree art, which accompanies you in everyday life and enriches life.

This is also the reason why many pieces of jewelry only appear in a limited edition.
Niwa wants to present something very special to the collectors of their art and no mass goods.

It is about the thrill of hunting and the feeling of happiness to successfully hold his prey in his hands or in our case: successfully wearing the wrist.

Due to the limited jewelry, every Niwa fan can be sure that there are rarely fellow human beings in their surroundings that run around with the same bead.

With every new creation, the family business faces the challenge of creating something that there was no such thing and will only give in small numbers in the future.

Wings of Beauty           Wings of Beauty

We are very happy about the many positive feedback from our dear collectors and hunters from all over the world.