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Shinto Horus - Charm

Shinto Horus - Charm

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Discover the unique charm from our Luxx Shinto collection! This exclusive charm is made of high quality 925 silver.

Shinto translates as much as "way the gods" and is strongly associated with nature and their veneration.
The central figures are spiritual beings and gods that reside in nature, people and objects.

Horus is one of the most important deities in ancient Egyptian pantheon. He is the god of heaven, war and protection and is often portrayed as a falcon or as a man with a falcon head.

The falcon symbolizes the vastness of the sky and the power of the sun god.

This charm is strictly limited and only in a circulation of 100 pieces. This not only makes him a beautiful piece of jewelry, but also an exclusive collector's object.

Perfect for your Niwabad's bracelet, this charm gives every ensemble a spiritual and luxurious note. Discover suitable silver bracelets in the niwabead category for your piece of jewelry.

Material:      : 925 silver

Motive         : Falke / Horus

Limitation:  : 100 pieces

Size:            : approx. 1.7 x 1.8cm

Weight:      : approx. 15.5g

For sale is 1x CHarm, without the design suggestions in the pictures (without other charms, bracelets and bracelets, etc.) 

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