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Mangkon Dragon - Barrel Charm

Mangkon Dragon - Barrel Charm

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Our Thai dragon belongs to our Mama Mala Tier collection.

This majestic dragon is often seen as protectors and keepers of sanctuaries, temples and royal palaces.

The Mangkon dragon is often viewed as a lucky charm and symbol of strength, power and prosperity. His iconic figure, with a long, slim body, sharp claws and an impressive head, embodies the powerful energy and protective function that is attributed to it. People in Thailand often believe that the presence of a Mangkon dragon can fend off and bring misfortune and prosperity.

Our charm consists of high -quality 925 silver.

Discover suitable silver bracelets in the niwabead category for your piece of jewelry.

This charm is limited to 100 pieces worldwide.

Size: Ø = 1.6cm
Weight: approx. 12.5g

1x silver lock is offered for sale, without the design suggestions in the pictures (without other charms, bracelets and bracelets, etc.) 

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