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Half -Half Bracelet - "Febura"

Half -Half Bracelet - "Febura"

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This half-half bracelet was made by hand and belongs to the collection of the same name.

In Roman mythology, the month of February was dedicated to God Februus, which is often regarded as a patron saint of cleaning, ritual purity and renewal. People believed that these cleaning rituals would drive out negative energies and evil spirits to bring happiness and prosperity.

The worship of Februus and the February celebrations had deep spiritual and cultural meanings for the Romans. They not only marked the transition from winter to spring, but also the transition from old to new times. February was regarded as the time of cleaning and renewal in which one loosened from the past and started fresh.

With this bracelet it should be noted that only half the length can be equipped with beads.

The bracelet is made of high quality 925 silver.

It is also two -tone (silver and gold) or in solid gold.

If the right size or color is not available, please contact us directly to us by email: mail@niwa-jewellery.de.

Note: The sizes below, indicate the length without a closure. Please check the length of our closures and complement them to get the total length of your wrist. Example: your wrist has a circumference of 18cm. Then you need a 16cm bracelet + a closure with a size of 2cm.

Size: Ø = 0.2cm (diameter of the thin side of the bracelet - for Beads)
  Ø = 0.5cm (diameter of the thick side of the bracelet)

1x silver bracelet is offered for sale, without the design suggestions in the pictures (without other charms, bracelets and bracelets, etc.) 

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