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Eye of Horus - Charm

Eye of Horus - Charm

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The eye of the Horus belongs to the Äqypt collection.

The eye of the Horus, also known as the Udjat eye, is an old Egyptian symbol that bears a deep meaning in the mythology and spirituality of ancient Egypt.
It is closely associated with the God Horus, one of the most important gods of Egyptian mythology, who was worshiped as a god of heaven, god of royalty and protector of the empire.

The eye of the Horus is often seen as a powerful protective symbol that protects against dangers and negative energies. It was also considered a symbol of healing and rebirth, since it was associated with Horus' ability to restore and regeneration.
It was believed that the eye of the Horus was able to protect people from diseases and injuries and bring them healing and blessing.

Anubis is located on the back.

As the guardian of the graves and guardians of the dead, he was often called to protect the dead and lead them to the afterlife during their transition. His presence in preparing the dead for life after death was of crucial importance for the Egyptian idea of ​​eternal life.

Anubis was also associated with the idea of ​​justice and moral judgment. As the "Lord of the Libra", he was often shown how he weighed the heart of the deceased against the Maat's pen to determine whether her soul was worthy.

Our charm consists of high -quality 925 silver.

Discover suitable silver bracelets in the niwabead category for your piece of jewelry.

This charm is limited to 100 pieces worldwide.

Size: Ø = 1.0cm
Weight: approx. 4.3g

1x silver charm is offered for sale, without the design suggestions in the pictures (without other charms, bracelets and bracelets, etc.) 

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