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Chang Erawan

Chang Erawan

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The three -person elephant is as large as a mountain, has skin as white as ivory and up to 33 heads.

This description of Erawan (translated "rain, rain cloud") can be found in the old Buddhist and Thai writings.

He is the divine mount of Indra, the god of thunder and rain.
Viewed exactly, he is not an elephant but a god who turns into a white elephant when Indra, the leader of the gods, wants to ride.

The Chang Erawan is a sign of strength, wisdom, loyalty and happiness.

In Thailand in particular, the elephant is revered for its majestic being and its intelligence.
There he is the symbol of protection, strength and prosperity.


The elephant is available in three variants:

1. High quality and massive 925 sterling silver

2. Two -tone - with high quality and solid 925 sterling silver and solid gold

3. Solid gold


This masterpiece is only made to order. 

The production time is approx. 4-6 weeks from receipt of the order.

For the exact discussion of your wishes and preferences, please send us an email to mail@niwa-jewellery.de 

Please note that these products are excluded from the revocation, since these are individually manufactured jewelry.

1x Chang Erawan figure is offered for sale, without the design suggestions in the pictures (without other charms, bracelets and bracelets, etc.) 

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