category: The Puppet

Exquisite handmade accessories for puppet collectors

"The Puppet" is the latest Niwa brand, especially for puppet collectors who want to preserve and maintain their enthusiasm for dolls. Our brand is aimed at everyone who wants to live and express the joy and magic of their passion.

At "The Puppet", the focus is on quality and attention to detail. We create handmade, beautiful and high -quality accessories, clothes and jewelry for your precious dolls. Each piece is made with great care and dedication to emphasize the unique charm and individuality of your puppet collection.

Our collections combine traditional craftsmanship with modern design and offer a variety of exclusive pieces that make your dolls unique and unmistakable. Whether sparkling jewelry, elegant clothing or enchanting accessories - each part is a work of art that makes your favorites shine in new splendor.

"The Puppet" by Niwa is aimed at collectors who want to share their love, passion and joy for dolls with dedication. Discover a world full of creativity and elegance, and be inspired by our unique pieces that will enrich and beautify your doll collection.