Niwa Advent 2020

We would like to invite you to the first Niwa advent.

This year was certainly different for everyone than planned. The Christmas season also feels strange:
Only a little deocracy on the streets, no real Christmas markets and restrictions with whom you can spend your Christmas with.
That is why we thought about how we can still give you all a little pleasure.

The moment to open a package,
The tingling in your stomach when you don't know what you get
The anticipation because you know someone thought of me.

We want to offer you exactly that!

You will receive the exclusive chance of getting your favorite pieces from Niwa!

Now of course you ask yourself, what do I have to do for it?
You can secure tickets by 23.12.2020.
You will receive a surprise package with a Bead of Niwa per ticket.

Which beads are included in this package?
You will receive the possibility of adding jewelry worth € 69-499 of your collection.
Our beads made of 14 karat solid gold are a special highlight.

What does a ticket cost and how many can I get?
You get this exclusive chance for € 50 and can secure as many tickets as you want.
We ask you to buy the tickets via PayPal, as we can only pack the gifts for you in good time.

How do I know that there are really rare beads in the packages?
We will pack the packages for you in a live video on Facebook and then mix well.
Then each package is given a number.
So you can follow exactly which beads can be won.

How exactly does the Niwa Advent work?

On December 23, 2020 we will make a live video. Then we will pull as many packages out of the "cheeknight bag" as noted on your wish list.
The most important thing is that you are in our video when drawing your gifts.
Because you can decide for yourself whether we unpack your package right in front of the camera or whether you want to be overridden until the package arrives at your home.

The numbers of the packages drawn are then deposited on your wish list. So everyone can be sure to receive the right package.

Here again a small summary:
- Secure tickets for € 50
- Tickets are available until 23.12.20
- Payment via PayPal, so that the receipt of payment is confirmed by December 23, 20
- You can order as many packages as you would like
- We will pull the packages on 23.12.20. You have to decide whether the package will be unpacked in the video or sent unopened to you.

Since we don't know exactly how many tickets you secure you as a Christmas surprise, shipping can take your packages a little longer.
We can promise one thing: we do our best so that your orders are sent quickly!

We hope that you are happy about our Niwa Advent and wish you a wonderful Advent season!
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