CCB Europa Event 29./30. August 2020

Niwa offers you again the KET, with unique and limited beads, to forgive your collection.

So that all fans get this opportunity, our online event will take place on August 29 at 1 p.m. (German time).

In addition, we decided to offer our European friends something very special.

You can be there in Berlin on August 30th and watch the Beads in a family atmosphere and buy it on site.
All participants in the "offline event" receive a limited and non-selling BEAD as a gift.

If you are interested in one or both events, just send us an email and we will send you the details and prerequisites for participation.


For everyone who participates in the event, we came up with something special again.
From a purchase value of € 350 you will receive the "Loveme" cap in silver.
If you spend over € 450 at an event, you will receive a two-colored "Loveme" cap (silver and gold).

CCB EU Love Me Core

Since our gifts are still in production, we deliver the pictures to you as quickly as possible.

Small information for our customers from all over the world. Please note that all CCB Event Beads are sold without tax refund.

And now to the most important part of the event: The list of all CCB EU Article:

Peonies limited to 66 pieces for € 89
 - Green Achaf (emerald coloring) 33stk.
 - Cat eyes moonstone 33stk.

CCB EU Peonies Green Agate    CCB EU Peonies Cateye Moonstone


Black Peonies limited to 30 pieces for € 109
 - Sapphire 10stk.
 - Siam-Rubin 10stk.
 - Milky Star-Rubin 10stk.

CCB EU Black Peonies


Octopus limited to 111 pcs
 - with white pearl for € 75
 - with a gold pearl for € 79
 - with Lilan pearl for € 79

CCB EU Kraken

Love Me Charm limited to 133 pieces.
 - grenade for € 109
 - Rhodolit for € 119
 - Sapphire for € 129

CCB EU Love Me Charm

Love Me Lock (closure) limited to 133 pieces.
 - grenade for € 109
 - Rhodolit for € 119
 - Sapphire for € 129

CCB EU Love Me Lock

Ocean Bucket with seahorse trailer limited to 188 pieces for € 89

CCB EU Ocean Bucket

Niwa thanks all fans and is already looking forward to the two events in August!

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